Seller’s Guide

Selling your home is a complex, multi-step process that calls for the expertise of a REALTOR®. There are many things you’ll need to consider, and to help you through it, here’s a general overview on what to expect and prepare.

Get Your Finances in Order

Don’t worry if you’re still paying off your mortgage, there are several options depending on what type of mortgage you have. However, you’ll need to talk to your lender or mortgage broker before you can proceed. I will also go over some of the expected costs associated with listing your home.

Working with a REALTOR®

It’s important to partner with a REALTOR® you feel completely comfortable with. Before listing your home for sale I will go over the entire process in detail and together we will come up with a plan that works for you. Living in a show ready home is not the easiest. I am appreciative of the amount of work that goes into keeping a home show ready.

A very important part of the selling process is knowing where you are going. Quite often the selling and buying process go hand in hand and questions like ‘ What if my house sells but I don’t have anywhere to go’ are asked. I have the experience to recommend the best strategy that works for you.

Listing Your Home

A thorough understanding of local and current market conditions is key in the listing process. The balance between staging, marketing, showings and the sometimes hectic pace of seller’s live is one of the most important aspects of my role in selling your home. If you would like to discuss this in more detail – GetBrett! You can reach me @ 250-718-9559 or

Offers and what comes after

Once we have negotiated a successful contract of purchase and sale and the buyer has removed their subjects making the contract unconditional you can consider your home SOLD! Some of the detail that I will have looked after is co-ordination of dates of where you are going to, assistance with selection of the various other professional services often needed in the transaction e.g. lawyers, moving companies, cleaning services etc. Please read my reviews to see how I have helped my clients in this process. Thank you and I look forward to working with you.

This guide is for information purposes only and is not intended to induce any breach of agency or contract.