He’s amazing! Professional, Thoughtful, Insightful, Helpful, Courteous, Receptive and an excellent Communicator. He had “our back” through the entire process of purchasing our next home! Thank-you so much Brett! – Gwen Ledyard

Working with Brett was the highlight of our home buying experience! This was our first home, and we felt very out of our depth. Brett took the time to explain every step to us, and made sure we were informed and comfortable with every decision we made. We cannot recommend him enough! We hope to be in our new home for many years to come, but will definitely Get Brett when it’s time for our next purchase! Thanks Brett!! – Katherine Bouliane

Brett Adamson, a gentleman and professional, helped us through a difficult transition from large home to condo. He balanced his position as dual agent with skill and fairness, satisfied our concerns and recommended local trades people to assist with our needs. We consider ourselves fortunate to have had such a friendly and, most importantly, a trustworthy realtor. We wholeheartedly recommend his services. – Sylvia Mayer

Brett was very professional during the entire process of purchasing our home. Very reliable and forthcoming with information regardless of the time of day. He went above and beyond our expectations. I would highly recommended Brett to anybody looking for an honest, hardworking and trustworthy realtor that will definitely go the extra mile for you as a client. – Jerry Turek

The short review: Brett works with you to find what you are looking for and goes above and beyond what is required to find the right home for you.
A longer review: My wife and I were living in Ontario and decided to move to BC to purchase a home to open a Bed & Breakfast. Therefore, the home we were looking for had to meet certain city requirements for licensing approval which meant that a lot of homes we looked at did not qualify. We flew out in April and met with Brett and spent three days looking at various homes. During this time Brett took the time to understand what we were looking for and each day the homes he showed us were closer to what we needed for the B&B. We did not find the house in those first 3 days and returned to Ontario to sell our house and move to BC. Brett continued to watch the market and contacted us whenever he saw a home that had potential. Again, most of the homes did not meet our requirements. Brett was patient with us and continued to show us homes via real estate listings and he would take the time to go visit the house and send us video walk throughs of those that met our basic requirements. In June we sold our home in Ontario even though we did not have a home in BC yet. We arrived in BC at the beginning of August. Brett took us out again and on the 1st day we found a home that was amazing. We put in a conditional offer that the house met the legal requirements and also the renovations we wanted to do were economically feasible for expanding the B&B. Brett then went above and beyond helping us to connect with the right people to confirm we were able to remove the conditions and purchase our new home and future Bed and Breakfast.
Bottom Line: GetBrett.ca …. He is an amazing caring agent, working with you, not trying to sell just any house but the one the fits your budget and your dream. Thank-you Brett! – James Clifford

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Brett on multiple occasions as a home inspector. I can tell he truly cares for his clients. – Brian Brooks

He was a great guy to work with and handled himself professionally. Would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a realtor. – Lorraine Beggs

Excellent attitude, very professional, and focused on the details to make sure everything goes as smoothly as possible! You couldn’t ask for a harder working realtor to have on your side! – Sam Ledyard

Selling my mom’s house was an easy task with Brett. He was great to work with and made a quick sale for a very fair price. The process was effortless. Thanks Brett! – Renata Zimmerman

Brett is a great realtor that really does pay attention to details.
For the sale of our house, he showed up at the perfect time during our move after 4 days of very stressful packing, dump runs, recycling runs, and cleanup. It was the last day and there was one last load for the dump. We were exhausted and it was 9 PM. He offered to take it for us and made sure we we’re going to have everything done. That was such a huge burden off of us at the perfect time.
For buying a house, Brett knows tons about what to look for with properties. I’ve seen him get on chairs to see a bowing roof because of reno’s, see missing supports on granite counter tops, and multiple other things I would have never noticed. He knows exactly what we’re looking for, but he’s also taken us on viewing’s just so we can see different things that we never thought of. He knew we weren’t going to buy the place, but he wanted to make sure we didn’t miss out and had perspective in what we were looking for. – Richard Kempf

Brett is incredible! Period.
“Going over and above” is such an overused cliche, but it is so appropriate for Brett.
He cares more than any real estate agent could ever! I have used his services twice and also trusted him to help my parents move from Toronto — he really listens to what you what and doesn’t waste your time.
The guy is so thorough it’s almost funny. He would constantly pull up comparables, histories of other sales around our target neighbourhood, and market trends.
So from helping my parents relocate from Toronto to helping us trim down tree limbs that were a potential problem for a troublesome new neighbour, the guy never stops!
I swear it felt like we were his most important client. Always available, and always eager to help. The guy does anything he can to make life smooth and easy. That bloody smile and laugh is infectious!
Trust, authenticity, and peace of mind is what I want in a real estate agent, and I have found that in Brett. I hope to not move again, but if I do, as I tell my network of friends – Get Brett!
Thanks again Brett — we love our new place and you have also made my parents so happy in their new place! Hope to see you again! – Jeff Hay

Thanks Brett! You went above and beyond to find,check out and complete the sale of a Kelowna home for these easterners. Such was our trust in your judgement that we bought our perfect home sight unseen!” – Bill and Jill Hay

Dear Barb and Brett: I know we thanked you for the great job you did helping us find our new home but feel obliged to thank you in writing. We feel you both went well above and beyond to make the transaction effortless for us and want you to know your hard work is much appreciated. – G & L McDonald

Tks again ,don’t be a stranger – R/R Hampson

Hi Brett!! Thank you for all you’ve done with the Walkers! We haven’t had a lot of realtor transactions at our developments. I can never understand why, it seems almost all realtors just don’t get our realtor cooperation program. It’s not even going out on limb to say you’ve been the best realtor to deal with I’ve seen in the 10-1/2 years I’ve been with Acorn. – Jerry

Many thanks for your hard work, diligence and dedication in finding us our new home. It wasn’t an easy task for us as we had a short time frame to get it done. You met the challenge, as your knowledge and professionalism came through in a big way. It was a pleasure dealing with you and we would highly recommend you to anyone looking to buy or sell a home. Keep up the good work. Lots of thanks – Ray & Beryl Murray

We want to thank Brett for his patience and understanding under unusual circumstances during our recent house hunt. We appreciated his unbiased opinion and representation during the purchase of our home. He showed integrity and professionalism and at the same was considerate and empathetic to our situation . – Rick H